EP 101: 3 Reasons to Plan 2024 Right Now

Season #3

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I'm still buzzing from a three-day planning retreat, and I can't wait to spill all the details. Trust me, thinking about 2024 now is a game-changer! Tune in to this week's episode where we dive deep into why early planning sets the stage for a phenomenal year ahead. 🗓️

As always, I'm Elisa Enriquez, your go-to productivity coach, here to help you make strides in what truly matters while cherishing every moment. Let's get back on track and create a life that truly resonates with you! 💪

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- [03:02] The impact of effective planning
- [03:42] Reason 1: Building excitement for the future
- [04:30] Reason 2: Getting ahead of the game in January
- [05:20] Reason 3: Finding clarity about the end of the year
- [06:10] Details of the planning party
- [06:50] Early bird pricing
- [12:05] How to get a ticket
- [13:45] Wrapping up the episode
- [14:10] Encouragement to make progress on what matters most