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A 3-Day  Planning Retreat for Women Solopreneurs and MicroBiz Owners.


Plan your life, plan your business, plan your dreams for 2024. 

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    • Instant access to recordings to all 3 Days of the live Planning Party event.
    • Workbook...60+ pages for you to reflect, dream, and plan
    • Guest Experts to guide you on everything from vision to delegation to mindset¬†
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    • Access to recordings through 12/31/23


  • This¬†was not a presentation. This was a workshop¬†with time and guidance for you to actually get your plan in place.

  • You deserve to have time to dream up what you want for the year ahead. This is your opportunity to grab that time for yourself and take it at your own pace.
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Introducing our special guests...

Listen, I can't cover it all, so I've brought in 3 experts to help you round out your plan for 2024.

Mari Wuellner

Mari is bringing her feisty and fun take on creating a life you love through vision boards. 

It's time to see your vision become a reality. 

Cheryl Stimers

Cheryl and her Virtual Assitant team at Cher Solutions share your workload while you are pursuing your dream.

Are you ready to get some things off your plate?

Mindi Huebner

Are you ready to get a mindset boost so you can stop trying to outhustle your beliefs?

You're in for a treat because Mindi will be popping in for a session with us.

Planning Party Feedback


What Teresa G loved:

Intentional focus time and ‚Äúgetting our head right‚ÄĚ to be able to look forward and visualize the coming year.

Darci D loved: 

Taking time out for myself to really focus and plan...geting streamlined and specific with my goals, hearing from Mindi and Mari and how they compliment your framework and intentions Elise!

Here's what Donna S had to say:

Take time to invest in yourself if you want to increase your understanding, mindset, clarity, focus, encouragement/support, and success through this workshop. Your time, money, and energy ROI will definitely surpass 1000%. Become more of who you want to be, with Elise's -- and her community's -- priceless support, mindset, enthusiasm, and guidance.

Elisabeth B's rave review:

The planning party is an unparalleled workshop that transcends the ordinary‚ÄĒimagine high-profile guest speakers, meticulously crafted content, and a seamless flow that transforms a typical gathering into a transformative experience. The workshop is designed to sculpt your mindset and help you strategically plan for the year ahead. With Elise steering the sessions, it goes beyond the standard webinar, creating a dynamic atmosphere where personal and professional growth converge. The Planning Party sets the stage for a purposeful and successful new year.

Get instant access for just $97

Hi, I'm Elise! 

I'm what some might call a "planful" person. I don't make plans to stick to them. I make plans to help me get clarity around what I want and how to get there.

And then I let myself adjust as needed. As inspiration hits. As opportunities arise. As life, work, and the world change.

I got to lean into my planful nature in corporate America and real estate. And then I paired it with a coaching certification to help other women take things off their plates and focus on what matters most.

We expect a lot of ourselves. Too much. So I'm on a mission to help you expect less and dedicate more time and energy to the stuff that's most important and fulfilling to you.

See you at the Planning Party!

Get instant access for just $97

"Plans are nothing; planning is everything."

-Dwight D. Eisenhower