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My name is Elise Enriquez.

 I help women business owners and service providers who feel overwhelmed by all they have to do.


Whether you own your own business, or lead a team, or take care of your family...or all of the above...this is the place for you.


I get it.

All of this getting stuff done and checking things off your to-do list doesn't leave you feeling better. Nope, you're just overwhelmed by all the stuff that's NOT getting done. Or worse, you're anxious about the stuff that may have slipped through the cracks.

The interruptions, requests, and demands rule your day and rob your time. You are the "get shit done" person in everyone's lives so they turn to you first. And you like helping people so you say "yes" more than perhaps you should.

Your brain is rarely where your head is. This means you are missing out on truly being there for the people that matter most to you. Family, friends, and clients don't get your best because your mind is always somewhere else.

It's about now that the couch and Netflix look really appealing. Or maybe the cookies or wine or online shopping or...insert your numbing mechanism of choice here. 



You're here because you are ready to step up your game. You get that life is short so you better create an everyday life you love. You want a more calm and enjoyable existence.

You want to get your shit together.

Great. Then it's time to shift the way you think about productivity.

Productivity is NOT about getting things done. It's not about having the right system or tool. 


Productivity is about making progress on what matters most while still enjoying your life.

Guess what? YOU get to decide what matters most.


 Are you ready to get your shit together (GYST)? 

Get Your S#!T Together

The GYST Community is a Work+Life productivity lifestyle group. 

You'll build a #BonusBrain and free up your brain from anxiety, stress and overwhelm.

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