EP 100: Why Community Matters - Celebrating 100 Episodes with Michelle Mazur

Season #3

Thank you, thank you, thank you for following The Productivity Shift!

It's official, we got to 100 episodes.

And as a celebration of 100 episodes, I invited my favorite podcaster to be a guest: Michelle Mazur.

Michelle is the founder of The Expert Up Club, a highly engaging and productive community that supports experts to improve their messaging and marketing so they can attract clients they love to work with.

To join the next Expert Up Club open house, go here:  https://communication-rebel.ck.page/fae6ae7193 

To listen to Michelle's podcast Make Marketing Suck Less, go here:  https://drmichellemazur.com/blog 


AND if you are ready to plan 2024, join me for The Planning Party, you can sign up here: 

https://www.eliseenriquez.com/plan   Early bird pricing ends on 10/31/23.


OK, here's the outline of this week's episode:


  • Intro

    • Elise celebrates reaching 100 episodes.
    • Introduces special guest Michelle Mazer, a messaging expert.
    • Highlights the mission of The Productivity Shift Podcast.
  • Gratitude to Listeners

    • Elise expresses heartfelt thanks to her listeners.
    • Emphasizes the joy of sharing insights and learnings.
  • Transition to Expert Up Club

    • Elise announces Michelle Mazer's return and introduces the Expert Up Club.
    • Describes it as a community for experts to refine messaging and marketing.
  • The Expert Up Club's Purpose

    • Michelle shares motivations behind starting the club.
    • Stresses the value of collaboration in marketing.
  • Benefits of Community

    • Michelle talks about collective intelligence within the Expert Up Club.
    • Discusses the power of shared language and values.
    • Reflects on the transformational impact of community feedback.
  • Cyclical Nature of Business and Marketing

    • Elise and Michelle discuss the constant need for refinement in messaging and marketing.
    • Stress the importance of revisiting fundamentals and adjusting strategies.
  • Transition to Open House

    • Elise segues to the upcoming Open House for the Expert Up Club.
    • Encourages interested individuals to attend for a transparent view.
  • Shared Language and Resilience

    • Elise emphasizes the importance of shared language in the community.
    • Highlights the resilience of their models in adapting to shifts.
  • Closing Remarks and Gratitude

    • Elise expresses deep gratitude to Michelle for her influence and support.
    • Thanks listeners for being part of the journey to 100 episodes.
  • Outro and Invitation to Join

    • Elise invites listeners to explore the Expert Up Club through the Open House.
    • Encourages those who thrive with planning to join her Planning Party.
  • Closing

    • Elise signs off, leaving listeners with the message to keep making progress on what matters most.