Ep 111: Where are you? - Embracing Change and Cultivating Growth with Lisa Alessi

Season #3

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Episode 111: Where are you? - Embracing Change and Cultivating Growth with Lisa Alessi



This episode kicks off a 4-episode series with Leadership Coach and Consultant Lisa Alessi where we'll explore a developmental concept called "Above the Line and Below the Line" and how this concept applies to the 9 Enneagram types.


Main Discussion Points:

  1. Above the Line vs. Below the Line: Elise and Lisa delve into the distinction between operating above the line, where productivity and creativity thrive, and operating below the line, where reactions are driven by stress and triggers.
  2. Navigating Emotional Responses: The conversation explores how emotions like anger and joy can manifest both above and below the line, highlighting the importance of emotional agility and mindfulness in choosing constructive responses.
  3. Practical Tools for Resilience: Lisa shares practical tools for recognizing and navigating shifts between above and below the line states, including pausing, breathing, and getting curious about your emotions and reactions.
  4. The Role of the Enneagram: While the episode introduces the Enneagram, further exploration is teased for subsequent episodes, where each Enneagram type's tendencies above and below the line will be discussed in detail.


We'll all be above the line or below the line every day. The goal isn't to be above the line all the time, the goal is to recognize when you are above the line, take a breath and reset to get yourself above the line again.


Stay tuned over the next 3 episodes to explore what each enneagram type looks like above the line and below the line.




Above the Line/Below the Line Video:

Locating Yourself - A Key to Conscious Leadership



More About Lisa Alessi



Lisa's Bio

Lisa Alessi is a leadership and team development coach with over 30 years of experience working in a consultative capacity with people in a wide range of industries and sectors. Whether working with people in career transition or wanting to advance their leadership capacity with greater ease and grace, Lisa loves helping people determine their next steps with depth of clarity and intentionality.


In working with leaders and their teams, Lisa guides them to connect more meaningfully with themselves and the communities they serve through engaging group experiences.


Lisa is skilled at reading between the lines to get below the surface of what truly motivates people, their patterns of success, critical to effective leadership and achieving their goals and aligning with organizational strategy. Lisa’s key strengths include unlocking behaviors that hold leaders back, building strong relationships by partnering with clients, generating perspective and appreciation, facilitating team growth, coaching and mentoring, and leading change with resilience.


Lisa has a BS in Zoology from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and numerous trainings, certifications and coursework in the areas of leadership development, conflict mediation, relational dynamics, Appreciative Inquiry, Enneagram applications, positive psychology, emotional resilience and energy management.