EP 108: When Personality Assessments Backfire: Common Pitfalls Exposed

Season #3

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Episode 108: Assessment Backfire: Unseen Risks and the Dark Side of Knowing Your Type


Welcome to another episode of The Productivity Shift, hosted by Elise Enriquez. In Episode 108, Elise takes you on a journey through the intricate world of personality assessments, unraveling the hidden risks that often accompany the pursuit of self-discovery. From Myers-Briggs to Enneagram, the allure of understanding oneself can sometimes backfire, revealing the limitations of these assessments.


Segment 1: The Illusion of Objectivity

Elise kicks off the episode by addressing a fundamental limitation of personality assessments – their reliance on self-reporting. She discusses the pitfalls of basing results on answers provided on a single day, especially when individuals might be facing crises or lacking self-awareness.


Segment 2: Lack of Professional Guidance

The exploration continues as Elise sheds light on the absence of trained professionals in the assessment process. Many individuals take assessments without the guidance of experts, potentially leading to misinterpretation or unhelpful labeling.


Segment 3: Unused Results and Missed Opportunities

Elise delves into the common scenario where individuals receive their assessment results but fail to take meaningful action. Whether it's due to a lack of understanding or a group workshop dynamic, the valuable insights gathered often remain untapped.


Segment 4: Personality as an Excuse

The episode discusses a significant concern – the tendency for individuals to use their personality type as an excuse for behavior, reinforcing stereotypes and hindering personal growth.


Segment 5: Balancing Critique with Value

Elise explores the positive aspects of personality assessments when approached mindfully. She emphasizes the importance of using assessments as tools for self-discovery and understanding others.



Wrapping up the episode, Elise introduces an upcoming event – the "Productivity Personality Premiere." While recognizing the potential pitfalls, she aims to provide a fun and insightful experience for listeners to explore their productivity personalities in a new way.

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Thank you for joining Elise Enriquez in this exploration of the hidden risks associated with personality assessments. If you found this episode thought-provoking, don't forget to share it with a friend and stay tuned for more discussions on productivity and self-discovery on The Productivity Shift.