EP 107: Out with the B.S. and in with some goodness - Burning Bowl Ritual

Season #3

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# Productivity Shift Podcast - Episode 107: Out with the B.S., in with the goodness - Burning Bowl



🔥 Welcome to Episode 107 of the Productivity Shift Podcast! I'm your host, Elise Enriquez, your go-to guide for intentional living, productivity hacks, and getting your sh*t together. Today, we're delving into a cherished tradition close to my heart—the Burning Bowl Ritual. Let's dive in!


About the Productivity Shift Podcast

If you're a woman in charge juggling business, leadership, and family, this podcast is your sanctuary. Tune in to take control of your time, make progress on what truly matters, and navigate the complexities of life.


Introducing the Burning Bowl Ritual

🎙️ Hey, shifters! Elise here, a bit under the weather, but nothing can stop me from sharing one of my favorite rituals—the Burning Bowl. Rather than strain my voice, I'm revisiting a past episode to guide you through this transformative practice.


Episode Release and Resources

📅 Originally released in December 2022, this Burning Bowl Ritual adapts seamlessly for the new year. Head to eliseenriquez.com/burn for a free PDF guide to accompany this episode.


What is the Burning Bowl Ritual?

🔍 Burning Bowl is a potent ritual for releasing negativity and embracing new beginnings. Simply put, you write what you want to release, then burn it. Today, I'll guide you through the what, why, when, and how of my version.


Why Should You Do the Burning Bowl Ritual?

🌟 Use the Burning Bowl to let go of regrets, shift mindset, and open up to inspiration. It's intentional, reflective, and, hey, if the woo-woo works, embrace it!


When to Do the Burning Bowl Ritual

📆 While commonly done at year-end, adapt it for any transition or when ready to release. The key? Choose a peaceful moment, and do it when you genuinely feel positive.


Who Can Participate in the Burning Bowl Ritual?

👥 Whether solo or with loved ones, choose those who support growth. It's not for naysayers—this ritual is for those who take it seriously.


Where Can You Do the Burning Bowl Ritual?

🌳 Create a peaceful space, indoors or outdoors. Safety first! If outdoors, fire pits or fireplaces work wonders. Be mindful and smart about your choices.


How to Do the Burning Bowl Ritual - Step by Step

1. **Create Your Space:** Gather writing tools, two printed pages, matches/lighter, and safety measures.

2. **Get Grounded and Intentional:** Breathe deeply, set intentions using provided mantras.

3. **Write Down What You Want to Release:** Focus on what you can control, use the Burn Page.

4. **Burn the Page:** Safely ignite and visualize negativity transforming into the ether.

5. **Stay Open:** Embrace inspiration, set goals, and find a guiding word or phrase.



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