EP 106: The January Effect - Tapping into the Energy of New Beginnings

Season #3


EP 106: The January Effect - Tapping into the Energy of New Beginnings

Leveraging the January Effect for a Fresh Start

In this episode of the Productivity Shift Podcast, host Elise Enriquez discusses the concept of using the 'January effect' to have a fresh start in the new year or at any time of your choosing. She emphasizes ditching New Year’s resolutions and instead, seeking long sustainable change. Drawing from Katy Milkman’s book 'How to Change,' Elise shares that people feel more distant from their past failures during fresh start moments, making them feel more capable and driving them forward. She encourages listeners to leverage the new year for a fresh start

00:01 Introduction and New Year's Reflection
00:38 Welcome to the Productivity Shift Podcast
02:52 The Power of Fresh Start Moments
04:27 Creating Your Own Fresh Start Moments
04:49 The January Effect: A New Approach to New Year's Resolutions
05:55 Sustainable Change and the GYST Community
06:55 Invitation to Join the GYST Community
07:25 Conclusion and Final Thoughts


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