EP 105: Build your "GPS" to achieve your goals

Season #3

Episode 105: Build your "GPS" to achieve your goals

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Welcome to the Productivity Shift Podcast, your guide to overcoming challenges and achieving your goals. I'm your host, Elise Enriquez, a certified life coach and the creator of the GIST program.


Setting the Scene:

In this episode, let's draw parallels between embarking on a journey to an unfamiliar destination and navigating the intricacies of life's goals. Just as we rely on GPS for driving, we explore the necessity of creating a personal GPS for success in various aspects of life.



Consider the significance of gathering all your tasks, goals, and priorities in one centralized place. Reflecting on past experiences as a real estate agent, I share insights gained from utilizing GPS for house hunting. Gathering information lays the foundation for effective decision-making.



We delve into the concept that "buyers are liars," understanding how preferences evolve through experience. The GPS comprises three crucial steps: Gathering, Processing, and Systems (GPS). Learn to make conscious choices about actions and responsibilities, ensuring intentional progress.



Explore the integration of gathered information into systems for effective organization. Regular check-ins on these systems are vital, promoting conscious decision-making and sustained progress. True productivity extends beyond mere task completion, encompassing a holistic approach to achieving what matters most.


GYST Community Invitation:

Join the GYST Community for continuous support, systems development, and accountability. Our next open house on January 3rd at 12:00 PM Pacific offers an opportunity to learn more.



As the year comes to a close, I express gratitude to our listeners. Taking a brief holiday break, we'll return with a new episode on January 1st, ready to kick off the new year. Your feedback and suggestions for future episodes in 2024 are always welcome.


Happy holidays, and I'll catch you in the new year!


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