EP 104: What GYST actually stands for...shift what productivity means to you

Season #3

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Episode 104: What GYST actually stands for...shift what productivity means to you


Hey, fabulous listeners! Get ready for a heart-to-heart with your guide, Elise Enriquez, as we uncover the essence of productivity, the journey behind GYST, and the transformative power of intentional living.


🌱 Origins Unveiled:

Dive into the roots of GYST – from childhood organization quirks to a pivotal moment during Elise's divorce. Discover how a free 12-week challenge evolved into a comprehensive course, shaped by the need for systems aligned with genuine happiness.


🌈 The GYST Community Open House:

Mark your calendars for December 13th! Elise invites you to an open house extravaganza. Explore the GYST Community, hear testimonials, and stand a chance to win delicious cookies. Reserve your spot at EliseEnriquez.com/open


✨ Decoding GYST:

Unveil the real meaning behind GYST – not just initials for getting organized but a mindset shift. Impact, Progress, Acceptance, Action, and Collaboration are the pillars that redefine productivity. It's about making strides on what matters while embracing acceptance and collaboration.


🚀 Reflect on What You Stand For:

As the year winds down, Elise encourages introspection. What do you stand for? How can GYST help you align actions with aspirations? Consider joining the GYST Community to infuse your life with intention and support.


🌟 Conclusion:

Join Elise on this transformative journey – not just about to-do lists but about crafting a life that resonates with your true self. It's the perfect blend of wisdom, warmth, and a dash of magic. (LOL...chatgpt wrote that last one!)



Time Stamps for quick reference:


- Introduction: 0:00

- Origin Story of GYST: 2:05

- GYST Community Open House: 10:12

- Beyond Balderdash Game: 15:50

- Introduction to GYST: 20:16

- Impact, Progress, Acceptance, Action, and Collaboration: 27:55

- Reflection and Invitation to the GYST Community: 35:40