EP 096: Menopause and Productivity: Navigating Life's Seasons

Season #3

Welcome back! Here's the preview of the episode:

- Unusual Break: Addressing last week's episode hiatus

**Embracing the 30% Rule**
- Rethinking Peak Performance
- Balance for Productivity: Recognizing the need for self-care in productivity

 **Navigating Menopause: A Three-Year Journey**
- Recognizing Symptoms: From anxiety to night sweats
- Shifting Perspectives: Understanding menopause as a natural phase

**The Crucial Role of Self-Compassion**
- Avoiding Burnout: Balancing essential tasks with self-care
- 'Bonus Brain' System: A tool for maintaining equilibrium

**Applying Lessons to Life's Challenges**
- Drawing from Loss and Menopause: Universal lessons in resilience
- Navigating Tough Phases: Insights for facing life's hurdles