EP 095: The Demise of the GYST Course: A Sneak Peek Behind the Decision

Season #3

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**Episode 095: The Demise of the GYST Course: A Sneak Peek Behind the Decision**

Welcome back to the Productivity Shift Podcast! In this episode, your host, Elise Enriquez, takes you behind the scenes to reveal the reasons behind her decision to retire the beloved GYST Course. Join Elise for a candid discussion on why this transformation was necessary to better serve your productivity needs. Discover the new container that replaces the GYST Course and learn how it aligns with Elise's mission to help you make long-lasting progress on what truly matters to you.

In this episode, you'll find:

- The concept of "killing your darlings" and how it applies to productivity.
- The evolution of the GYST Course over seven years.
- Insights into why a new approach was needed for YOUR sustainable productivity growth.
- Details about the GYST community and how it supports your productivity journey.
- Information on the GYST community open house for those interested in joining.

Don't miss this intimate and informative episode where Elise shares her vision for a more effective productivity solution. It's all about making progress on what matters most while staying present to the people, experiences, and opportunities that fulfill you.

If you're ready to explore the future of productivity, tune in now!