EP 90: The GYST Community Members Speak Out Pt 2

Season #3

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Are there things that your parents or influential adult said to you over and over again that you just didn't get...until you finally got it?

My mom always talked about making choices that would lead to better choices and I never got it. I just rolled my eyes.
Then one day, it clicked.

We all have some sort of expertise which means we end up saying the same stuff all the time. And that's our job as experts…to repeat ourselves to the people who want to learn from us.

Well, this episode is the second part of a list of seven (7) things that my GYST Community members say that I say all the time. (To get the first three, check out episode 89.)

So, here are the last 4 things I apparently say all the time and my reasoning behind why I say them:

  • Shitty first drafts...say something about shitty first drafts, they said.
  • Make sure your calendar reflects your reality...drive times!
  • What are we celebrating?
  • Progress, not perfection.

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Listen to EP 89: https://www.eliseenriquez.com/podcasts/the-productivity-shift/episodes/2148015319

Bird By Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life by Anne Lamott


Enneagram types: https://www.enneagraminstitute.com/type-descriptions