087: Three Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Summer Reading

Season #3

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Fair warning, I might possibly offend some of you in this episode. It’s for a good reason, though, so I hope you listen all the way to the end.

Summer is a great time to get a bunch of reading done, especially if you are going on vacation and are going to have some time to yourself. Or you've already decided to check out a little bit early on some of the summer afternoons and sit out in the nice weather to read a book. I'm all for reading a ton of fun books.

I become unimpressed with the volume of books people read when they are about personal growth, business growth, et cetera. Basically, books that are categorized as self-help books.

I know people who take great pride in listening to 2 or 3 audiobooks a month or reading two business books a month. They consume the book and then throw it aside for the next one without taking any action based on what they just read. I'm not saying that every book has to inspire a complete change in your life or business, but why read the book if you're not going to do something with it?

In this episode, I'm challenging you to take a different approach to personal and business growth books with the help of a great article written by one of my favorite authors, James Clear - "7 Ways to Retain More of Every Book You Read"

I pulled out my top 3 of those 7:

  • Quit more books,
  • Choose books you can use instantly.
  • Read a book twice.

So for your weekly shift, I'm challenging you to pick a personal or business growth book you've already read and still own and read it again.


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