085: 6 Questions for a Mid-Year Reset

Season #3

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When you don't have a boss to report to you might not check in enough on your progress throughout the year.

Here are the questions we use to do a Mid-Year Reset in the GYST Productivity Community:

First, reflect.
:: What's gone well over the past few months?
:: What was your part in making those things happen?
:: What didn't go so well and why?

Next, get clarity.
:: What do you want to move forward over the next three to six months?
:: Who do you need to be to do these things?
:: Who needs to know about these things?

Finally, take action.
:: Identify next actions for your top 1-3 things you want to make progress on over the next few months.

I created a PDF you can use to capture all of your answers to these questions.

Just reach out via email or Instagram DM if you want a copy of the PDF.
[email protected]