078 - Stop Doing This: Holding It All in Your Head

Season #3

"OMG, I feel so much lighter!" This is what Molly had to say after just 2 sessions in my productivity coaching community.

Wanna know what the big shift was? We moved her from keeping everything in her head to getting it all in one place so she could decide how to use her time.

My challenge for you in this episode is to get it all out of your head.

I find that many of my clients who focus more on their five senses hold a lot of information in their heads. Despite building external systems they trust, when they get stressed, they tend to think they can trust their own brains even more.

It all falls apart, though, when volume increases too fast AND/OR they take on something new, and this habit of holding stuff in their heads is a sure sign to me that they are feeling overwhelmed.

You see, constantly cycling through your projects, worries, busyness, problems, etc over and over again is usually masking one of 2 things:
:: A lack of priorities
:: A bigger problem you are trying to avoid

The key to breaking out of this cycle is to get things out of your head.

So if this sounds like you, and you want that shift that Molly experienced once she moved everything out of her head, walk with me through this episode and I will show you how.

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**This podcast is lovingly created by yours truly, Elise Enriquez, and produced by Rachael Sanya.