072 - Interruptions...You're Not Crazy: 3 Steps to Better Manage Interruptions

Season #3

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Link to the study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology:  https://psycnet.apa.org/fulltext/2022-08530-002.html 

“Studies show that we would benefit more from spending a little more time planning our work and actually doing the intentional work.” ~ Elise

Does it feel like you are constantly being interrupted?

You are not crazy...it's true. You are constantly being interrupted AND these interruptions DON'T have to ruin your productivity.

I had a hunch that women get interrupted more than men, and I already knew that studies show that women get interrupted in meetings and in conversations more than men do. According to a study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, there is a gender divide when it comes to work interruptions.

These aren't the kind of interruptions I'm talking about in this episode, though. In my GYST productivity program, I talk about 3 kinds of work;
1 - Planning your work: which means assessing everything that's on your plate, getting things out of your head, looking at the projects in front of you, looking at the time you have, and then deciding what you want to make progress on: 
2 - Doing Intentional work: executing the plan that you made.
3 - Doing unintentional work: doing work as it shows up. In other words, engaging with interruptions.

Now, doing unintentional work or engaging with interruptions isn't inherently bad, so in this episode, I share some ideas about how to better manage all these interruptions that are coming your way.

You’ll learn;

  • How to reduce interruptions
  • How to deal with the interruptions that do arise
  • What to do when there are interruptions you want to engage with.

So tell me your response to this question of the week…What is ONE strategy you could put in place this week to better manage interruptions? 

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