071: I Need a Wife

Season #3

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Have you ever looked at all you needed to get done and thought "Man, I need a wife!"

It's a common sentiment even in 2023, despite the progress we've made in balancing household responsibilities.

I admit I've made that joke before, staring at a mountain of laundry, a pile of dishes in the sink, and undone errands. My mother and friends have made the same quip.

While many marriages are more balanced now than in the past, there are still plenty of women who wish they had someone to share the load. This sentiment was expressed in Judy Brady's satirical essay "I Want a Wife" back in 1971.

In this episode, I read the essay in its entirety in a bid to capture how accurately the author portrayed the burden of mental load that women have been carrying, both in the past and present.

This emphasizes the significance of changing our view of productivity from “Getting it All Done” to making progress on what matters most to us while still being present with the people, experiences, and opportunities that are all around us.

One of the best ways to do this is to start letting some things go and expect LESS of ourselves.

And on that note, what is ONE thing you could let go of this week?

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