070: Systems Check

Season #3

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Have you ever noticed how good it feels the last workday before vacation? Do you know what that's about?

It's about clarity. It's about getting everything known.

To really go on a vacation and leave work and home behind, you’ve got to get everything known, updated and handed off or under control so that you can actually leave and relax.

Well, what if you could have that feeling every week?

In this episode, I wrap up a three-part series I've been doing on the GPS model. Don’t worry if you missed the first two episodes of the series. You can go back and listen to episode 67: Gather and episode 68 - Process.

So in part 3(that’s this episode), I talk about the S in my GPS model...which stands for two things.

  • System, and
  • Systems Check

I think of systems as a collection of tools and/or processes you use to stay productive and present and I’m one of those people who literally get shivers up their spine when we talk about systems and processes.

Here are my reasons for getting that excited about systems:

  • I believe simple systems are the best systems
  • I believe systems should support us, not limit us

So let’s help you find out how building a simple system that supports you and keeping it current with a systems check can help you experience that holiday feeling every week.

Now it’s your turn to answer the Question of the Week…What simple system can you put in place to bring you more peace of mind this week?

Head on over to @productivitybreakthrough on IG and share your answer under the Question of the Week post.