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I run the Dare to Prioritize Challenge LIVE a couple of times a year to help you take back your time.

To finally make progress on the stuff that you keep putting off.

To make yourself, your goals, and your dreams an effing priority!

 But you don't have to wait until I host the next live challenge.

You can take the challenge right NOW.

Life's too short to keep postponing your progress.


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For those of you who want some details...

This is a 5-day challenge. I recommend starting it on a Monday...or whatever the first day is of a 5-day workweek for you.

Once you confirm your sign up for the challenge you will receive an email with your work book that includes daily pages for you to use for the challenge.

You'll also receive a link to a private platform with everything you'll need.

On the platform you'll find daily videos to guide you through the challenge each day.

These videos are recorded from the most recent live challenge, so you are always getting the most up to date version of the challenge.

And the videos include the interactive Q&A from the most recent live challenge so you can learn from challengers before you.

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Join the Challenge

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Join the Challenge