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One-on-One Coaching

While I won’t fence you in with a prescriptive, one-size-fits-all coaching curriculum, I will use proven models to help get clear on your purpose and so you can align your daily activities with what matters most to you and the impact you want to have in your world.

This foundational work builds on each other to help you stand on solid ground so you can launch off and join up with the folks you need to make the impact you were meant to make in the world.

The way we work together is fairly straightforward:

  • 90-minute coaching calls TWICE per month
  • Key Foundation Building Blocks developed throughout our coaching engagement


Customized, personal attention. Guaranteed.

Foundation Block 1

Months 1-3

Uncovering your innate preferences and motivations

YOU + discovery processes that uncover who you are at your best


  • Online Myers-Briggs assessment
  • Introduction to Type booklet – TONS of valuable info that will come to life as we explore it together
  • ONE 2-hour discovery session to help you uncover your Best-Fit Type
  • Additional materials customized to your Best-Fit Type
  • Training on the Enneagram to uncover your motivation for doing what you do

Foundation Block 2

Months 2-4

Uncovering and clarifying your Values and Standards

YOU + guided exercises to uncover HOW you want to go about accomplishing things in the world


  • Values exercise
  • Clear definitions of your values and standards
  • Communication guidance for sharing all of this with your team, clients and partners

Foundation Block 3

Months 3-5

Creating a Purpose Statement that guides all you do

YOU + a guided deep dive into a handful of powerful questions = CLARITY & PURPOSE


  • Why Discovery Workbook
  • ONE 2-hour coaching session to uncover the pieces of your Purpose
  • Custom Why Discovery Summary PDF based on your call (10-20 pages that outline the patterns we discovered)
  • Guidance crafting purpose statements for yourself and your business
Timelines for each Foundational Block are rough guidelines for when each block will be addressed, with the exception of the Myers-Briggs work, which takes place during your first coaching session.

All coaching sessions include a written follow-up identifying assignments and insights from the session.


6-Month coaching program


(My be paid monthly at $925/mo)

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