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"Just do it!"

Last year I took the GYST (Get Your S#!% Together) course from Elise and it worked wonders for me. The content in the course helped me to: organize my email inbox (which was way out of control), make better decisions about what I needed to keep or could feel safe deleting/tossing, create useful tracking systems for my business, feel more confident making decisions and prioritizing tasks within a project.

Also, I liked the group and our willingness to share wins and struggles.

I’ve also earned more money each month which feels great! (I know this because I tracked it) 😂

Her next class starts in April… just do it!

~Kim H, Seattle, WA

WHAT is this all about?

8-week commitment to creating systems for action in your life and work.

You know those home organization shows you see on TV where they take everything out of the house and then put things back in a more organized and productive way?  That’s what we’ll be doing with your brain and workspace over the course of 8 weeks.

  • You’ll get all of your ideas and thoughts out of your head
  • You’ll get your work area cleaned up and functional
  • You’ll have a calendar you can trust
  • You’ll have a system to get your email inbox to ZERO on the regular
  • You’ll ditch what you don’t need and prioritize what you keep
  • You’ll set up trusted systems for managing all of those ideas, projects, etc
  • You’ll set up a Weekly Review process to help you take action toward what matters most every week!

HOW will I get all of this done? 

Through Clarity, Communication and Consistency

  • A LIVE weekly 90-minute online video class
  • Weekly handout to support your learning
  • Weekly next action challenges
  • Membership in a private Facebook group for support and accountability
  • We will all share tips, concepts and tools to increase your productivity
  • I’ll share the systems I’ve tried and the systems/apps I use
  • Weekly emails with assignments and information to keep you inspired and motivated

That’s 12 hours of live teaching and coaching + materials + ongoing support through our private Facebook group.

What others are saying about GYST

"I have built an awesome system"

If you are feeling like you have a LOT of to-dos and tasks spinning around in your head but you’re never catching up – this is for you!  I just took Elise’s class and was so impressed! I now never have more than about 30 email in my inbox at the end of the day and I have built an awesome system to keep up with my life and tasks. Elise’s GYST program is fun and super informative – well worth it! SUPER VALUABLE!

~Carrie K, Chicago, IL

"I definitely recommend taking this course"

If you feel like you’re scattered, can’t get everything done, are stuck on what to tackle first or when, or simply want to improve an already-solid system, I definitely recommend taking this course.  Do I honestly have ALL my S together? Um, no, but Elise’s stellar guidance and the group’s encouragement, ideas and support made a tremendous and noticeable difference in my confidence and progress. (Which continues.)

~Donna S, Seattle, WA

WHO should participate?

Anyone who loves a to-do list but isn’t getting theirs done.

Business Owners. New Jobbers. Team Leaders. Household Leaders. Idea Generators. Procrastinators. Squirrel Chasers. In-Between Jobbers.

If any of those “titles” above or any of the descriptions below apply, you should join us for the class:

  • You have a bunch of projects to get done and not enough time
  • You want to remember what to get at the grocery store when you are actually at the grocery store
  • You have lots of ideas and don’t want to lose track of them
  • You want to free up your brain to be more creative
  • You are starting something new and are feeling overwhelmed by what needs to get done
  • You are in between jobs/projects and you need systems that will keep you productive and action-focused
  • You count on post-its way too much

WHY you? Why me?

Why Me?

Because I’m a dork for organizing stuff.  Actual physical stuff and mental stuff.  I’ve tried lots of systems and am good at keeping what works and leaving the rest. I’m good at breaking big projects down into manageable chunks of action that you’ll actually do. I’m good at doing all that for myself and others.  I always have been.

Why you?


  • You have stuff you want to get done
  • You have great ideas
  • You have goals
  • You just need a little help, encouragement and collaboration



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3 months membership in

Keep Your Shit Together (KSYT)…

…a private Facebook group that helps you stay accountable to your system, refine your system and GET MORE DONE.  This group gets the benefit of TWO live video calls with me every month to keep you on track!  There are minimum performance requirements to advance to KYST, but I’m committed to get you there!

*Were you a member of the 12-Week GYST Challenge in 2016?  Are you already a member of KYST?  You qualify for up to a 50% on this class. You’ll see special pricing for you on the sign up page, just click the blue box below.


Class Schedule

90-minute Video Calls from 11:30am-1pm PST on the following Thursdays:


Video calls will be recorded and posted to the private Facebook Group.

Additional Work

Throughout the class you will be given assignments and come up with your own work items. How much you put into that is up to you.

Is it time to GYST? Want to do the work 1:1? Do you have questions?

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