Free Fridays

I believe that everyone can benefit from coaching and while I still need to make a living, I’m committed to giving coaching away whenever I can. As with most things, I do better when I have a system for things…and a clever name. And Free Fridays is born!


I won’t be able to do it every Friday, but as often as possible, I’ll open up an hour on Fridays for ANYONE to come learn about something that will help you connect your day-to-day actions with who YOU want to be in the world.


Right now I’m offering…

Free Fridays Special Episode:

QQueues Demo!

This week, on a very special episode of Free Fridays…

We’ll take a look at how you can use the GQueues app to help you get more done.


Start time: 9:30am PST


Click here to join us:



  • I’ll spend a bit of time talking about some core concepts around productivity.  This usually sparks a lot of discussion.
  • I’ll demo GQueues
  • The rest of the time is yours to ask questions that I’ll do my darndest to answer.
  • I reserve the right to promote my services in the last couple minutes of the call.  You were warned!!!